Brand Design

We’ll help you create a well designed and brand solution for your business. website design and across advertising and promotion.


Imagery can make or break the appearance of a website, We can source and customise a selection of high-quality stock photography and illustrations to use across your website. or if you’d like something custom, just ask.

80/20 Rule

We’ve all heard it so many times. 20% of visitors. Out of those, 80% will go nowhere, 20% will be a customer. 20% of the customers will bring in 80% of the revenue. So let us help you try to target those 20%

Web Development

We first try to understand your business and then design either bespoke websites tailored to individual brand requirements or depending on budget we might recommend using a templated site. We focus on good design but more importantly user experience and how it can help business growth.


Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

We offer an exceptional service for businesses looking for a partner to create, design and build your web project. Matthew has been in the design industry for over a quarter of a century and has a great passion for helping businesses like yours grow on line.

Digital Partnership

The goal is to build a lasting partnership and not to be just your supplier 

The goal is to build a lasting partnership with you, not just to be your supplier. I believe that collaboration and open communication are crucial for a successful business relationship. As your partner, I am committed to understanding your needs and providing you with tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

I believe that by working together, we can achieve mutual success and growth. I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and support throughout our partnership. Let’s work together to achieve our goals and create a successful future.


The Money

How much will it cost?

Million dollar question that everyone quite righty wants to know. The answer is between £1,000 for a basic landing page to £5,000 upwards for a customised website running on a content management system such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. That is a large window but I’m happy to provide you with an individual proposal. 

Bridging the gap between DIY websites and full agency designs 

Client testimonials

I’ve worked with many clients over the years in both the private and public sector 

My experience with byMG over the years has been great. From web development to photography to graphic design, Matthew’s expertise and clear simple approach makes life so much easier. 

Paul Stephens Porsche Specialist

Matthew’s attention to detail has aways been second to none. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking create or re-create their brand. 

Elan Clinic

Communication is key when commissioning someone to create a website, and even if I haven’t known the technical terms -or even the capabilities- of the back end of the site, it has been explained to me in a way that I understand (often in the form of screenshots or a graphic) and that I can engage with.

Fancy a chat? Drop me a message…

Google Ads

Increase your revenue with PPC advertising

Natural SEO is getting rarer and rarer as Google wants your money! Partnering with a Google Ads expert we can help you run a successful Google Ads campaign. Ad campaigns can be any amount that you’d like but at least a £300 budget a month should be allowed + management fees. 

Do you want an advertising campaign that converts leads into final customers or increases your sales? We put our focus on creating and managing PPC and SEM campaigns individualized for your company, and targeted to customers ready to buy maximizing ROI, leads and opportunities.

We analyze and use our research data to help you beat your competition and conquer the market. Our Pay-Per-Click marketing services include Google Adwords, Google Shopping management and retargeting along with Meta (Facebook / Instagram).


Our projects

A small selectin of the projets that we have worked on over the years

About us

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Our goal is to bridge the gap between DIY websites and premium digital agencies. While opting for a DIY website may seem cost-effective, the result is often poor search rankings and low conversion rates. Many will soon realise that a professional website soon pays off for your business.

However, established agencies charge high fees that may not be feasible for smaller businesses. Our professional web project management service offers the same quality and service at a budget of more small and medium sized businesses can afford.

How do I do this?

By utilising the templates already built platform, we can significantly reduce project build times. I design and develop websites, eliminating the need to hire premium coders to transform static visuals into responsive websites. As I work from my home office, my overheads are considerably lower than those of larger, office-based agencies.

Cheap Websites

Would you like a cheap website?

Falling into the trap of seeking the lowest price is a common mistake. However, it is crucial to start by considering your objectives and asking yourself, “What purpose should my website serve?”

Your priority should be to create an impressive user experience for your visitors, regardless of the device they use to access your website. You want your visitors to feel comfortable while browsing your website, and you want your business to appear credible. To achieve this, your website must have a clear and compelling offer that encourages visitors to buy from you.

Furthermore, you will want your website to rank as high as possible in search engine results. To achieve these goals, it is essential to focus on your objectives rather than simply searching for a cheap website option.


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3 Simple Steps to success

Making it really straight forwards 

In this stage, we begin by exploring the creative solution conceptually, and then progress towards developing full designs and mapping out the user experience.

Our approach involves deeply engaging with your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s requirements. This enables us to formulate a powerful strategy that effectively meets those requirements. we collaborate with you to deliver the solution and ensure its maximum success.

During the Implementation phase, we will deliver the solution and collaborate with you to optimise its success.

About Technology and Creativity

Technology and creativity are no longer viewed as separate disciplines, but rather as complementary forces that can work together to drive innovation and success. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is essential to have a creative approach to technology in order to generate new and effective solutions.

Moreover, creativity can help to identify new applications for existing technologies, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and allowing technology to evolve in unexpected ways. By exploring the intersection of creativity and technology, we can unlock new possibilities and create truly transformative solutions.


With the integration of creative thinking into the development process, technology can be used to bring bold new ideas to life. Innovative software and hardware can be designed to not only solve problems, but to also delight and engage users. In turn, creativity can inspire new technological advancements, fueling ongoing progress and evolution.


Furthermore, the intersection of technology and creativity has given rise to entirely new industries and markets. From digital content creation to user experience design, the blending of these two fields has opened up new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.


Overall, the successful fusion of technology and creativity requires a willingness to embrace new ideas and approaches, as well as a commitment to collaboration and experimentation. With these elements in place, the possibilities for innovation and growth are endless.